What is it:

Laser is an enhanced light beam. This beam transfers high luminous energy and cause of its monochromatic (single wavelength frequency) form the energy is transformed into heat in tissues we are targeting, while leaving the healthy skin unharmed.

The permanent removal of unwanted hair growth is an achievement of recent years with the help of modern technology. It concerns women and men who want to get rid or to thin the hair growth from areas of the face and body, which is a cosmetic problem. The hirsutism due to either heredity or hormonal disorder (eg polycystic ovary syndrome) or occurs in menopause. But the normal hair growth (e.g. mons, calves) can be -and usually is unwanted. The traditional methods of hair removal (shaving, wax, creams, electrolysis) are ineffective to the elimination of the problem and are often accompanied by side effects (folliculitis, burning, pain). The results are short and very frequent repetitions are required.

Hair removal with laser offers permanent, safe and fast solution.

The mechanism of selective destruction of the hair is explained by selective photothermolysis. The Alexandrite laser emits energy which is selectively absorbed by melanin, which in non-tanned skin is concentrated around the hair follicles destroying it. This method is completely safe as there is no radiation to affect the internal organs.

For permanent removal of unwanted hair growth required an average of 8 to 10 visits with a time interval of one to one and a half month between of each visit. It is important to be done the per 40-day re-treatment for maximum effectiveness as possible. Three days before the implementation of the first treatment the area of the body which is going to be depilated, is shaved, so the hair be at least 2 mm but not too long. No shaving is required for hair removal on the face.

Light skin with dark hair growth is most suitable for hair removal in this way. Tanned skins, therefore, excluded from the application (risk of scalding). The summer, so, the application is done immediately before the vacation, so during them we enjoy a soft depilated skin without irritation and the skin has the time to lose the tan before the next application.

After the second-third session, the hair becomes thinner and soft while we observe thinning areas. After hair removal it is good to avoided for 7-10 days sun exposure while in times of sunshine required the use of sunscreen when hair removal is applied to the face.

Before applying laser and in sensitive areas (bikini) is recommended the use of local anesthetic cream, in order the hair removal be tolerated. The pain is generally similar or milder of waxing. After the treatment there is a mild irritation in the skin that lasts 24-48 hours. After the application hair growth stops, the roots of which "fall" within about 15 days and the area remains hairless. Approximately after 40 days, starts the regrowth of hair and then we have to repeat the treatment, as the hair is more "sensitive"  (anagen phase) on the laser.

It concerns all ages, starting already from the age of 13-14, since in these ages the excessive hair growth in girls creates intense aesthetic and psychological problem. The white, however, hair and natural blondes are not treated with the laser. During the application we avoid shots over olives to avoid burning and irritation.